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Corby, who has built up a huge social media profile since returning to Australia with over 200,000 followers on Instagram alone, was asked about sightseeing in Bali.

'I'm going to Bali in two weeks Schapelle, do you have any sight seeing recommendations? Corby bluntly replied: 'Lock you(r) bags.''Thanks for the tip xx,' the woman responded.

We got lots of wank calls and messages and we were upfront - if they turned up they stayed till they were satisfied and no stiff cock would be refused.

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I had put towels all through the living room, porn on the TV and music was playing.

We both decided we would not put out lube as we did not want our holes full of lube, we wanted our holes full of seed and after our first breeding we would be lubed anyway. I wore my black leather g-strong and Lee had on a black silk one. One guy asked f we minded if he got one of the vguys to film us on his phone when he was fucking us. I told them we were both there to totally satisfy them and except for blood and scat they could use us as they saw fit.

We also knew we were far too cock and seed to ever be "marrying material" most tops don't want sluts for their other half - they want like Lee and I to take their cock and seed on a casual or one off basis and to do the things for them their partners don't.

The more we chatted, hooked on line and had a few glasses of wine - the more we realized what we had in common.

I had dragged my fuck bench into the loungeroom, covered the lounge and put two large plastic sheets on the floor.

Lee and I went into the bathroom and we put a small dollop of lube near the entrance to our cunts.

Sure, I had fondled and kissed bottoms while my ex or his mates were fucking them and I had encouraged and kissed other bottoms as we were both taking cock at naked parties and backrooms, but I had never entertained inviting a bottom to come into my apartment and to share men's cocks and seed with me.

As we had a few wines in the afternoon to put us in a mellow mood, we chatted about what we had found tops seemed to like the most. We both agreed that most tops love fucking cummy holes.

16 men had confirmed and both of our holes were twitching all day as we manscaped, and preened and douched - to prepare for a night of cock and seed.

It also felt strange I was doing this in preparation with another bottom.

Only one guy left after his first blow as he had to go somewhere. Nothing nicer for me than your hole feeling totally wrecked by cock.